I have had a problem with blushing for as far back as I can remember. The minute anyone said something slightly titillating or embarrassing to me, my face would turn as red as a fire truck.

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When I was younger I didn’t worry about it so much, but it gets to me now that I am an adult. I don’t like the idea that people can make assumptions about me based on my reactions to certain things.

The first time I decided I had enough was when I was asked about cheating by an ex-girlfriend’s mom.

I was so embarrassed that she would ask me such a personal question that I turned beet red.

She took this as an admission of guilt and convinced my girlfriend to end the relationship.

At first I was angry at her for not trusting me, but I realized that I would have come to the same conclusion if the shoe were on the other foot.

When I am in a situation where I know it is likely I will start blushing, I started willing my face not to change color. It wasn’t that easy, and I have continued to blush just as much, if not more.

Apparently the power of my thoughts is not enough for my face to remain its natural shade. This is one of the main reasons why I am single and I am currently working from home.

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Let me explain a bit more about the job front. I worked in sales for a while, but my facial expression kept giving information to the customers.

For example, when I tried to convince someone to buy something simply because it was expensive, they would notice me blushing and decide to buy nothing. This happened at several jobs in several different industries before I decided I would be better off working from home.

I live the life of a shut-in and I am just 28 years old. I figured there had to be other people out there that suffer from this same issue, so I did a search for it. As far as I can tell, there are a lot of people affected by this and many of them have talked about how hypnosis can make things all better.

I have never heard such a thing, but I see no reason why I should not give it a shot. If it stops me from blushing at any old time, I want to try it as soon as possible.

I thought I would have to go in to see some type of hypnotist and that made me a little nervous. I have seen plenty of shows where people are hypnotized into doing strange things, and it made me a bit wary.

It is actually possible to purchase audio that will allow you to perform the hypnosis on yourself. That is great since I would probably be too embarrassed to work with anyone else when it comes to this.

I got to say at first it was just very relaxing to use this hypnosis for blushing session, but I didn’t think it would be enough to help me really stop this.

But I kept at it, partly because it was just feeling nice to relax in this way, and probably also because my subconscious mind somehow told me: “You’re on the right path here, keep going.”

I listened to this hypnosis audio many times over the next weeks. And I didn’t notice that I was blushing less – but I was! After something like two months, I once thought for a while: “Hey, when was the last time that you blushed?” And the answer was it’s already been… well, weeks? This was pretty strange, because I used to blush daily before, for any little reason you could think of.

So if you have the same kind of blush face that I had, I can really recommend that you try the power of hypnotism 🙂

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Can Self Hypnosis Help You Cure Trichotillomania?

Are you currently dealing with trichotillomania? If yes, you should give hypnosis a chance. A lot of people got rid of their obsessive compulsive disorders and other similar problems thanks to self hypnosis. Keep reading if you want to learn more about hypnotism.

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Trichotillomania refers to pulling one’s hair in an obsessive manner. If nothing is done, damage to the scalp can be permanent. Besides, people who suffer from trichotillomania often have a bad self image because of the damage to their scalp. If you habitually pull out your hair, then you will agree with me that you have too much stress in your life.

If you suffer from trichotillomania and never found an efficient treatment, it is time to give hypnosis a chance. Do more research on this method and try finding people with similar problems who improved their condition thanks to hypnosis. There are many message boards on hypnosis where you can ask your questions.

Going under hypnosis allows you to reach a state where you can focus very intensely on an idea. Self hypnosis will help you focus on your trichotillomania and find out what is causing this problem. Once you are under hypnosis, you will be able to bypass mental blocks and entirely focus on your problem.

Once you have a better idea of why you feel the need to pull your hair, you will be able to treat this issue. If you find that your trichotillomania is triggered by stress, you will be able to manage your stress more efficiently by listening to a hypnotic audio recording designed to lower your anxiety.

Hypnosis will help you become aware of your problem. After a few weeks of using hypnosis regularly, you will be more aware of your need to pull your hair and fight this need more efficiently. Learn more about how you can use stress management techniques to get over these urges.

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Anyone can enter into hypnosis by focusing on some repetitive sounds, a mental image or a spot in your field of vision. You will have to practice until you can put yourself under hypnosis easily. Look for audio recordings on the Internet and select designed to help beginners get started with hypnosis. You will be guided step by step and eventually become able to enter a hypnotic state easily.

Look for recordings that focus on trichotillomania. There are many sites where you can find audio recordings but it is important to look around until you find something that corresponds to your needs. If you cannot find anything designed for the kind of problem you have, contact a professional hypnotist and ask if they can record an audio file adapted to your needs. If you do not get good results with a recording, try with another one.

Do more research about hypnosis and contact a professional if you have some questions. Hypnosis has helped a lot of people and this method could help you get rid of your problem. You will eventually notice an improvement if you work hard and combine hypnosis with other stress management methods.

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