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Arm Catalepsy Self-Hypnosis

The arm catalepsy self hypnosis download MP3 is for those who want to experience this fascinating hypnotic phenomenon on their own. It contains hypnotic suggestions that will make your arm rigid during a trance state, kind of like the arm of a mannequin.

Sometimes people who experience an hypnotic arm catalepsy say things like: “My arm feels waxy, as if it is made out of wax, or some kind of plastic.”

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Of course, at the end of a hypnotic trance the arm catalepsy disappears, and you are capable of moving your arm just the way you did prior to that.

It is a mesmerizing phenomenon because we usually are easily capable of controlling our arms – but when in the state of hypnosis, and when given the right suggestions, we suddenly experience our body in a very different and unique way.

Essentially what happens is that the muscles in your arm stiffen up.

This technique has been used by stage hypnotists a lot. In case of stage or street performers, they usually do this to prove a point (namely that the hypnotized person is indeed hypnotized).

In the past hypnotists even used to induce full body catalepsy where a person’s whole body became rigid. Then they placed the person onto two chairs – laying down horizontally, their head resting on one chair, and their feet resting on another chair, with nothing underneath them. Then sometimes they even let another person sit or stand on them, as if they were a human bank.

This isn’t done much anymore, mainly because sometimes people got hurt – when a particularly heavy person sat on them and it often caused neck problems (which mostly appeared after the person got out of the hypnotic trance).

You can see an example of arm catalepsy hypnosis in the following video:

Now there is a special moment when a hypnotized person realizes that they can’t move their arm and they enter into a state of confusion. During this exact moment, it is very easy to really quickly bring them into a very, very deep somnambulistic trance.

So hypnotic arm catalepsy isn’t really just a show effect – it can also be utilized as a method of deepening a person’s hypnotic trance state, and many other things (including believe changes, or as a metaphor that the things which a person believes are impossible sometimes because true, and that they have to let go of old believes).

It can also be used as a metaphor for developing internal strength and stamina, and many other things.

With the arm catalepsy self-hypnosis MP3 download you can experience this phenomenon for yourself, and also be very conscious of what is happening to you during the hypnosis, particularly the thoughts that go to your mind.

One thing that you will encounter again and again with hypnotic subjects is that they are convinced not to be hypnotized. In the case of arm catalepsy for example, they will often think to themselves: “Of course I can move my arm, if I wanted to, but I don’t want to do that right now, so I’ll just leave it. This hypnosis isn’t working” – all the while their arm is cataleptic.

It’s a really interesting phenomenon, and if you have never experienced a hypnotic trance state, it’s fun to just try it out.

 Click here to download the Arm Catalepsy Self Hypnosis MP3

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